Mourelacci is an independent family business based in Athens Greece but the origin of the family is from Lakonia and Crete. Those two regions of Greece are world known for their excellent, in terms of quality and taste, extra virgin olive oil.

The family has its own small extra virgin olive oil production from its private olive grove located in Crete. The accumulated technical expertise from all these years of production and the personal preoccupation in consuming only the best extra virgin olive oil has generated an elitist point of view within the family. We seek and crave only for the best extra virgin olive oil. Nothing else would do. Our experience and passion is our guide in accomplishing just that.

Sadly, our private production due to its extremely low volume cannot be commercialized. Yet the need to share the unique joy of savoring a sense firing and qualitative extra virgin olive oil motivated us in establishing a company whose commitment would be just that. We will only commercialize the extra virgin olive oil that fires up the senses and at the same time qualifies to the strictest quality standards. Our partners, therefore, were selected upon these fundamental criteria.

But the company has one more goal to achieve. The joy of savoring a sense firing extra virgin olive oil has to be spread all around the world. We at Mourelacci believe that in the stressful modern everyday life everyone is entitled to cherish a few precious moments of personal indulgence. After all, it's the little things that make us so happy.